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Ginger Tea to Tame Your Tummy and Add Fire to Spells

Ginger–the plant, not the hair color–lends its fiery nature to teas and magical workings. 3 things to remember about Ginger Small amounts aid digestion, but too much is too much. Use in moderation. Use fresh ginger rather than dried ginger in teas and concoctions to avoid stomach irritation If you use blood thinners or have a blood disorder, use with caution as ginger may thin the blood. Magic: Ginger can add passion to a relationship or speed up any spell, […]

Boost Immunities with Magical Echinacea

That tap-tap-tapping you hear on your window is the icy finger of Winter. Geese fly south, leaves fall and the flu virus incubates at fast food restaurants, on shopping cart handles, and in gas station bathrooms. While you can get a flu shot as a preventative measure, some of us don’t like the flu shot. Some of us are certain the flu shot is the way the government implants silicon chips, which leak mind-numbing chemicals into our bodies, turning us […]