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D is for Damn

▶ Rhett Butler – Scarlett O’Hara: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn… – YouTube. Today’s word is Damn—as in “Damn, I can’t find a magic word starting with  D.”  Then again, damn is a common curse word.  It comes from a Latin word which means “to inflict loss on or to judge or to doom” and we still use it that way. In America, the word was not commonly—if ever—used in print or film until Margaret Mitchell wrote […]

C is for Curses

Looking for magic words eventually led me to the dark side—curses.  What if some jealous jinn or a wandering malevolent spirit saw fit to send snaking coils of evil magic my way?  It seemed only prudent to be ready to zap enemies into green goo if necessary. Even Pagans don’t encourage curses though it is often argued some people invite curses. The logic is that a curse has to be pretty strong to go against Karma so if a curse […]