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Novel Magic: Dark Energy

Dark Energy author Addison Brae takes a look at how to combat your darkest fears! Whether you fear monsters in the dark or family gatherings –this time of year is no walk in the park. How do you stave off the heebie jeebies? Everyone’s Afraid of Something by Addison Brae Movies do a great job of zeroing in on viewers’ greatest fears. It pulls people into the story. The Blair Witch Project may make the bravest fear the dark. If […]

Becker Circle by Addison Brae

Novel Magic: Becker Circle

Last Chance to Win 6 books plus a Martini Glass Becker Circle is the final installment of Novel Magic for 2019. Win a copy in the December Giveaway–but act fast. The contest ends at MIDNIGHT, December 31, 2019. Read through Addison’s post and enter below. Remember You by Addison Brae A few years ago a friend treated himself to a drink after a long day working the sushi restaurant in my neighborhood. He bought me a cocktail and said something […]

Novel Magic: Finding Love is like Walking a Tightrope

Finding love can be like walking a tightrope By Addison Brae   While I was jogging in my neighborhood park right before Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I saw a guy walking on a tightrope. I always wondered how people learn how to walk on a tightrope. They practice. He tied a narrow nylon strap to two trees and walked on it between them. It reminded me how much dating is like walking a tightrope. So many girls, me […]

Becker Circle -Novel Magic on Sorchia's Universe

Novel Magic: Murder, Suspense, and Cocktails with Author Addison Brae

Murder! Suspense! Cocktails! Or, as we call it here in Sorchia’s Universe–Tuesday. Read on for a glimpse at Addison Brae’s breakout novel of romance, suspense, and–yes–cocktails. A Not So Perfect Fresh Start in Becker Circle by Suspense Author Addison Brae Who hasn’t had a fresh start? Most have had many. Thank you Sorchia for allowing me to be a part of your super-cool blog! Gillian, the main character in Becker Circle,”worked her butt off to graduate Harvard a semester early […]