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Sorchia Reviews Silvers Hollow by Patrick R. Delaney

She can’t remember how she got to the train station in her hometown, but she remembers why she doesn’t want to be there. The place is haunted with bad memories which is why she hasn’t visited in years. She remembers her parents and their distant—even negligent treatment of her and her sister. She remembers how her father would sometimes take her sister into the basement. She remembers her sister begged for help. She remembers so many things that don’t quite fit with the experiences she has right now. Something’s wrong in Silvers Hollow.

This book takes readers through a wiggly-woggly nightmare landscape where the familiar morphs into a terrifying doppelganger of reality. If you are in the mood for something completely different, this is the one for you.

What Works in this Book?

We’re seeing this world through the perceptions of the main character and the author does an outstanding job of conveying her confusion.

I loved the disjointed bits and pieces of memory that make up the whole and how these are revealed at just the right pace.

It’s an absorbing read and one that will keep you guessing throughout—I like the unpredictability of it.

What Doesn’t Work So Well?

I needed more explanation at the end. I see what’s happening, I get it, but I’d like a bit more clarification. Really this is the only thing I find to gripe about. I’d like a little more time spent on the actual reality.

Even with this bit of whininess from me, I heartily recommend Silvers Hollow to readers of horror and fans of the non-formulaic suspense novel. 

Four out of Five stars.

This book is available right now. Check the author’s Amazon author page for more info.

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