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Novel Magic: TrailBlazing Female Policewomen of the 1960s

Welcome to Novel Magic where we feature books in the genres we love: Fantasy–Mystery–Horror–Thrillers–and Paranormal Mayhem! Authors share insights and ideas as well as info about their books. Today, Novel Magic takes the Way-Back machine to the 1960s to talk about what it meant to be a female police officer. I’ve lived long enough to remember the days when only a few women worked as police officers. Career choices for girls in my hometown were teacher, nurse, homemaker–that’s about it. […]

Easter Renewal: SAD and How to Beat It Flowery tree against a spring sky.

Ostara (or Easter) Renewal: SAD and How to Beat It

Suddenly, it’s time to get the garden ready, to get ahead of the yard work, to clear the cobwebs and dust out of the house. For me, this is the time of year when the winter blahs have the strongest hold. I’m at the end of my reserves. The sun is still weak, and the nights are still dark. Summer still feels miles away. They call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Some years ago, the medical community accepted it as […]

Yard Sale Treasures: Cursed, Conjured, or Coincidence?

Are you in the market for malevolent energy? Dark histories. Curses? A premature death by unusual means? Look no further than your local yard sale. From haunted dolls to sinister paintings to fabulously cursed jewels—your next yard sale treasure could be a supernatural artifact. Do you really want to bring a cursed object into your living room? The allure of cursed objects lies in the mystery surrounding their origins and the inexplicable events that follow those who possess them. Please […]