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Friday Fictioneers–Of Stout and Dragons

Happy New Year! Here is my offering for Friday Fictioneers—a weekly challenge to write a 100-word story using a photo prompt.   See you in 2016!   Of Stout and Dragons   Ned sips his eighth pint of stout and gazes out the pub windows, watching the pink dragon chase birds in the parking lot. His hand curls protectively around the glass. Tom slides into the chair beside him. Ned pulls his beer closer. “Isn’t it a law they can’t […]

A Witch’s Christmas

Once again, it’s Friday Fictioneer time in the Ozarks.  The challenge is to write a complete story in 100 words or less inspired by the photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My story today suits this festive week which holds Yule and Christmas and a full moon. If you want to join the fun by reading and posting your own story—go HERE. By the way, critiques, comments, suggestions are welcome. Season’s Greetings to all!!   A Witch’s Christmas The window […]

Free Tarot Readings, A Party, and A Contest to Celebrate the Solstice

The ancients celebrated the Winter Solstice with celebrations, drinking, and the occasional human sacrifice–probably in that order because who doesn’t want to burn someone alive after four or five shots of brown liquor? My Winter Solstice celebration for 2015 includes a FB party for friend and fellow-author, Nicole Ozawa Tillman. Her latest release (and this little chickie is prolific, to say the least), is titled Cry in the Fog and is the latest in her Paranormal Peacekeeper Series. The launch […]

Magical and Healthy Turmeric

Antioxident and anti-inflammatory, Turmeric is a perennial plant in the same botanical family as ginger. It grows predominantly in southeastern India. The rhizomes of the plant are baked and dried and used in curry powder. Magic: Use for purification. Mix salt water and turmeric and sprinkle around the place you want to purify. Sprinkle turmeric on the floor or in your circle before spellwork. Health and Healing: Turmeric contains the powerful antioxidant curcumin. Turmeric may improve brain function and prevent […]

Friday Fictioneers–Pesky Martians

Every Wednesday, Rochelle posts a photo prompt and invites scores of people around the globe to use the photo to inspire 100-word stories. I did this religiously for about a year and loved the way the weekly exercise tightened up my writing. Reading the way others interpreted the photo is a kick, too. It’s kind of amazing how much personality some people pack into just 100 words.  If you want to join the party, just go HERE to read the weekly offerings and post […]

Ginger Tea to Tame Your Tummy and Add Fire to Spells

Ginger–the plant, not the hair color–lends its fiery nature to teas and magical workings. 3 things to remember about Ginger Small amounts aid digestion, but too much is too much. Use in moderation. Use fresh ginger rather than dried ginger in teas and concoctions to avoid stomach irritation If you use blood thinners or have a blood disorder, use with caution as ginger may thin the blood. Magic: Ginger can add passion to a relationship or speed up any spell, […]