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A cat watches a full moon--very noir.

Novel Magic: Sorchia’s Book Reviews

Four Book Reviews! If I’m going to read, I figured I might as well write reviews. I’m happy to report that every book I’ve picked has been a solid 4 or better. This has not always been the case. Spoiler Alert: One of these books got my first 5-Star rating on NetGalley. You won’t see this very often. Fantasy, Mystery, and Magic Abound! Take a peek at my reviews. Every one of these is well-worth a read! My scale is […]

A cat watches a full moon--very noir.

Sorchia’s Book Reviews in May

I grew up on a farm about ten miles from town. No phone and limited TV reception. BUT we had shelves and shelves of books. My mom and my sister read to me until I was able to read on my own. Since then, reading is my reward to myself at the end of a busy day or on long summer weekends. As a writer, I know how important the accumulation of reviews is–and how nice it is to see […]