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Looking for new authors? Check these brave souls who visited Sorchia’s Universe.

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Novel Magic: Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate

Procrastination runs Rampant in Sorchia’s Universe and my guest has given me even more ideas to up my procrastination game. What do writers do to avoid writing? My guest–Lyndi Alexander (also writing as Alana Lorens) –gives up her secrets. Don’t forget to check out her new Supernatural Thriller–Remnants of Fire. Top Ten Things I Do to Procrastinate When I Should Be Writing. by Lyndi Alexander (also writing as Alana Lorens)  My latest supernatural thriller, REMNANTS OF FIRE, was a NaNoWriMo book […]

Novel Magic Hunts Sea Monsters

What’s a better beach read than a pirate tale? A pirate tale with vampires, that’s what. Author Marilyn Barr tells us what’s lurking in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean in her new release: Walk the Plank. Monsters of the 1718 Caribbean Sea I love writing paranormal romance. There is something about showing a reader the redeeming qualities of a monster and demonstrating how everyone deserves to be loved. I’m also a homeschool mom with my own little classroom of […]

Novel Magic: Writing Out of your Comfort Zone

Take a trip to the Old West for a paranormal romp. Watch for a review of An Angel’s Wylder Assignment soon Writing Out of Your Comfort Zone By Tena Stetler Magic, the paranormal, and the unexplained have always been my wheelhouse. Even as far back as grade school, I wrote vampire tales for my friends. When I took the opportunity to write full-time, I polished one of my paranormal romances and submitted it. Lo and behold, I received a contract […]

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Novel Magic Celebrates New Release: Love Spells, Full Moons, and Silver Bullets

New Release! Celebrate by entering the Rafflecopter contest to win a Chakra necklace. Check out the author interview and enter by March 18! And while you’re at it, sign up for Cameron’s newsletter and get a FREE story. Featured Author Interview: Meet Cameron Allie Do you write in other genres? Why or why not? Short answer, yes, as long as it’s romance. Longer answer: I write romance, but I have branched out across multiple subgenres. The bulk of my current […]

Novel Magic: Pam Thibodeaux

We’re getting serious today with author Pam Thibodeaux. Get a FREE story and check out Pam’s latest release. Is “Native American Christian” an Oxymoron? by Pam Thibodeaux If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I don’t write “conservative” Christian but “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and that my style of writing has caused me to discover the difference in Supernatural & Paranormal and How to Categorize a novel. When the hero in my WF novel, My Heart Weeps revealed […]

Novel Magic goes Swashbuckling

Ah–the clash of steel on steel, the smell of battle, the blood, the tights! Like my featured author, J.B. Dane, I grew up on a steady diet of sword fights on castle stairs, sword fights in a merry woodland, sword fights on a Caribbean beach. A rapier is dandy, but a nice, solid claidheamh mòr is mighty fine, as well. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WANT SWORD FIGHTS! I just might have been a swashbuckler in a previous life because there […]