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Novel Magic: Pam Thibodeaux

We’re getting serious today with author Pam Thibodeaux. Get a FREE story and check out Pam’s latest release. Is “Native American Christian” an Oxymoron? by Pam Thibodeaux If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I don’t write “conservative” Christian but “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and that my style of writing has caused me to discover the difference in Supernatural & Paranormal and How to Categorize a novel. When the hero in my WF novel, My Heart Weeps revealed […]

Novel Magic goes Swashbuckling

Ah–the clash of steel on steel, the smell of battle, the blood, the tights! Like my featured author, J.B. Dane, I grew up on a steady diet of sword fights on castle stairs, sword fights in a merry woodland, sword fights on a Caribbean beach. A rapier is dandy, but a nice, solid claidheamh mòr is mighty fine, as well. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WANT SWORD FIGHTS! I just might have been a swashbuckler in a previous life because there […]

Novel Magic Falls in Love for the Second Time

Romance is in the air (along with the bats) in Sorchia’s Universe. We like a good tale of love–unrequited love, tragic love, love interrupted by zombies–whatever. But truth has a way of being stranger–and sometimes more tragic–than fiction. Contemporary Romance author J.L. Regen tells about the true-life love story that inspired her first romance novel. Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around by J.L. Regen I wrote Secret Desires, my contemporary romance novel, because I truly believe that love is […]

Novel Magic Reads Viking Runes with Laura Strickland

Reading the Runes is near to our hearts here in Sorchia’s Universe–I wrote a whole book about it (Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes) so when fellow-author and Divinator Extraordinaire Laura Strickland told me about her new book The Shaman’s Bride, I had to get her into Novel Magic. Below, she tells a bit about Viking Runes–Where they come from–What they mean–and How they might influence the life of Lodvar Haraldsson. Watch for a Sorchia Review of The Shaman’s Bride–Coming […]