Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

Preparing for a Past Life Regression

The hypnotherapist gave me homework to accomplish during the week before the real deal. As a preliminary exercise, I meditated daily. The object of the meditation was to establish a safe place as well as to practice meditating. Meditating regularly is the best way to prepare for a regression if you think you might like to do this someday.

My safe place turns out to be a room in a stone tower on the very top of a craggy hill overlooking a body of water. I think it is the ocean because there are waves and I can’t see the other side. The room is large with stone walls and a huge open fireplace on one wall. On each side of the fireplace is a staircase. One way goes out to a garden and the other way goes down through a tunnel to the shore. In front of the fireplace is red leather tufted couch with plenty of cushions. The floor is stone with plush rugs here and there. Some tapestries on the wall. Yeah—it’s a castle.

castle complex

The main place I find myself when I am in this room is at the wide window cut into the side of the tower. I can sit on the stone sill and dangle my feet over the edge if I want to. A sea breeze wafts fresh air into my room and I can smell the ocean, the sun on the hills, the garden.  Sometimes, I watch a storm blow in. Waves crash on the rocks, sending spray all the way up to my window. Sometimes it snows and I pull a tapestry tightly across the window and sit on the couch by the fire with a nice glass of whisky.

From this window, I can look straight down a cliff to the ocean. The narrow, rocky shore curves away to the left and right. Rugged hillsides and cliffs rise from the shore. The ocean opens up beyond the little inlet and extends past the horizon. While there is a little rock pier just below me and a secret tunnel leading to this room from the shore, no other signs of humans are evident. This is where I can go if I need to because I am safe and secure and comfortable in this room. The doors are thick oak. I leave them open most of the time, but I can slam them shut and bolt them whenever I want.

ocean view

The second part of my homework was to phrase a question or situation I want the regression to address. Since this was book research, I decided to go softball—or, at least, I thought my question was a softball. It turned out to be incredibly important, but that is another blog post.

Next week—Listen to the Sound of my Voice: Guided Imagery for Past Life Regression

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