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Oghmaniacal Blogathon–The Writer’s Best Friend by K.D. McCrite

Today’s Oghmaniac Blogger is K.D. McCrite, author of the fantastic Confessions of April Grace series. Find her at

The Writer’s Best Friend


She’s quiet. She’s elusive. She’s precious and desired. Others have her, and we all want her. More than that, we writers need her even more than talent.

Her name is Patience.

We ban Patience from our lives in favor of pursuing goals, dreams, and fiery passions. She taps us on the shoulder, whispering wisdom, telling us to slow down, to see the other side, to pull back and reconsider, to stop and catch our breaths. Often she tells us what we don’t want to hear: “This is not the best time/place/decision.”

The only way to have Patience is to court her. To understand her, to think about her, to embrace her. Refrain from dismissing her when you should be inviting her to stay. Offer her the tea of courtesy and the cake of dignity. Discuss her most beautiful asset, self-control.

The more time you spend with Patience, the more she becomes a part of your life. The less stress will affect your sleep, or play havoc with your appetite. Her presence will grace your home, and your loved ones will appreciate that.

Patience, like her sister Perseverance should become one of the writer’s best friends.


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