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Novel Magic: Look into the Future with Izzibella Beau

Would you like to be able to see into the future–to predict events–know when a loved one is in danger? My guest today may be able to do just that. Check out Izzibella Beau’s experiences with the paranormal and grab a copy of Revelations.

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Revelations_Separate Worlds Series

by Izzibella Beau

What happens when two totally different people from two separate worlds collide? This is the story of Zach and Emily, their family, their friends, and what happens when the truth finally becomes known and love might not be able to save them.

Welcome to West Lakes, a place where your friends and family may not be who they seem. This is a world where it’s not the dark you should be afraid of, but what could be waiting for you inside that darkness – that’s what should terrify you the most.

Revelations by Izzibella Beau
Look into the Future in Novel Magic

Omens and Portents

by Izzibella Beau

My love of the paranormal and things that go bump in the night stem from an early age. My mom told me stories of when I was younger, around the preschool age, I would ‘know things before they happened.’ One was a house fire. I cannot remember, but we were driving down a country road, and off to the side was a home. She said I kept repeating ‘house on fire,’ but neither her nor my father saw anything. The home caught fire a day or two later, burning to the ground; no injuries were reported.

I don’t believe I can see what will happen; maybe the incident was a coincidence, or perhaps something other. As a child, we probably leave our minds more open, and as adults, we tend to close off to what can not be explained.

I had two more recent incidents in the past couple of years involving the paranormal. The first was when my older sister, who lives almost a thousand miles away, went in for a heart transplant during the middle of the night. I woke to my pups barking in my room and saw my sister’s vision, who said she couldn’t stay. It was an image that lasted only a brief second or two. I woke in the morning, thinking it was just a stressful dream knowing she’d gone to surgery. I found out later that afternoon she had crashed in surgery at the same time I had the dream at 2:37 am. The surgeons brought her back, and she was in a coma for almost three weeks. She’s doing well now, nearly ten years later.

Another incident was in the form of another dream. In the early morning hours of November 15, 2014. I dreamt of my deceased aunt, who I was close to all of my childhood. We were packing for someone to be leaving that day; I can’t remember precisely who though. It was an emotional time. Before the dream ended, my aunt kissed me on the cheek and said, ‘it will be soon, sweetie.’ I received a phone call at 5am that morning informing me my mother had passed away; she had Alzheimer’s disease for years. I’ve never dreamt of my aunt again.

I’ve always loved reading and watching anything related to the paranormal. My favorite TV shows would have to be X-Files, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stranger Things, True Blood, and even the recent reality shows like Buzzfeed with Shane and Ryan.

There have too many movies to list about the broad subject of the paranormal that has captured my attention. One of my favorites was the older Lost Boys and Flatliners. I’ve watched all the Twilight series movies and the movie and TV show Mortal Instruments.

I began writing the Separate Worlds series after reading the Twilight series (Team Jacob), Mortal Instruments, and Vampire Academy. I have a love of shifters and vampires but wanted to put a new twist on the story. What is one to do if they fall in love with the one they’re supposed to kill? Revelations, book one of the series, shows a different side of both paranormal entities. High school is bad enough but put a supernatural aspect into the scenario, and it gets ten times worse.

Revelation has several main characters. Zach, a shifter,  is a high school senior. He falls for his soul mate, Emily, who happens to be a vampire. Jacob is Zach’s younger brother, also the school manwhore. He’s fighting his pull to be with Madison, an enchantress (witch). Danny is part of the shifter pack and becomes bonded with Alex, a seer. Why are all these supernatural beings coming together? What’s in store when Orfeo and his band of vampires take on the town? Separate Worlds is a young adult paranormal romance trilogy mixed with a bit of humor and mystery.

I would love to do a giveaway on my Author Facbeook page. If a reader wants to take a chance on Revelations, please follow me on Facebook and let me know of your interest.

A Tantalizing Bite from Revelations

Madison loved this time of the year. It was cold enough she didn’t have to worry about anyone sneaking up on her through the trails and watching what she did with her magic.

So much had changed since last night. After she’d left Zach’s, after the whole Jacob fiasco, she went and talked to her great grandmother times four, her great, great, great, great grandmother. She had to see if she had any answers to what was going on.

Madison learned the legends she had heard since she was a little girl might not be fairytales at all. There may be other things that go bump in the night other than enchanters and enchantresses. She told her grandmother about the wolf and a certain boy. Finally, she had to tell what this boy’s name was, and her grandmother was aware of the Lovells.

Madison tried to get her grandmother to tell her what she meant about them having unique qualities, but all she said was for Madison to trust her exceptional instincts. All was coming together for a reason, as she felt evil was coming to West Lakes. Madison tried to get her to explain herself more, but she kept saying Madison needed to believe what her inner self was telling her, look into the eyes of the beast and you will find the soul.

One last bit of helpful information her grandmother gave her was the circle inside the circle when she was alone. There was a particular spell she could say that only those of the supernatural world could cross over. All others would be stopped from entering. This was a good way she said to determine if a certain boy she favored had anything special about him.

Jacob watched as Madison sat in some sort of circle she had created on the ground. There were rocks placed all around her, and she appeared to be in deep mediation. It’s now or never. He stripped down naked and shifted into his wolf form.

Even with her eyes shut, Madison sensed something coming toward her. She squinted, pretending to have her eyes closed, and saw it was the black wolf. He entered the circle and sat down beside her.

Well, that proves he’s of the paranormal kind, or the spell grandmother gave me was all a hoax.

Penetrating gray eyes stared at her, and it looked as if it was smiling at her. Flashbacks to Jacob at the dance and last night, both times when he had been caught up in the heat of the moment, rushed through her mind. They were the same eyes then as the ones staring at her now.

Look into the eyes of the beast and you will find the soul.’

The words were more true now that she was confronted with the situation than it did last night when she thought her grandmother was rambling out gobbledygook.

Madison turned and stared at the black beauty sitting beside her, looking quite content. The more she stared back into his eyes, the more courage she got to finally ask the question she was hoping to get an answer.

“So, Jacob, do you always come to spy on me when I’m here by myself?”

The wolf tilted its head and looked at her like it had no clue as to what she said. It stood on all fours, and she saw it was transforming right in front of her eyes. Paws were becoming hands and feet, the snout was turning into a nose and mouth, and the body was going from black fur to a tanned, muscular, Godlike physique. Madison didn’t know if she should scream, run, or stay seated and watch. The change took less than fifteen seconds, and before her stood a naked Jacob Lovell. She was speechless as she looked him up and down. There was only one thing that came to her mind when she looked from his face down to his toes.

“Oh my God, you’re naked,” Madison screamed out and covered her eyes with her hands. When she peeked out from under her fingers, he was gone.

Did that seriously not happen?

Madison looked around the field and saw it was empty.

I’m going freakin’ insane.

Maybe it was the new herbs her grandmother told her to use, or perhaps it was from having Jacob in every other thought that crossed her mind since last night.

“Sorry if I scared you.”

The sound of Jacob’s voice behind her made Madison jump up from her seated position.

“That was you, wasn’t it?” Madison looked him up and down and was thankful he finally had clothes on. Not that she minded the free show, but it was kind of awkward to have a naked guy standing in front of her.

Jacob nodded she was correct.

Madison had no clue what to say next. Once again, Jacob left her speechless.

“Were you surprised?” Jacob sat down on the ground and motioned for her to sit beside him. She sat back down on her blanket she had strewn out.

“No, not really.” Madison began to pack up the items she had brought from her mother’s herb shop. The place where only those involved with white magic shopped for their needed materials. “I talked to my grandmother last night, and she informed me of things I once thought were only legends.” She waved her hand to the place where Jacob had shifted, “And then all that happened and it sort of clarified everything.”

“So, what exactly are you? I mean, you know I’m a shifter, werewolf, whatever you want to call us, but I never got the chance to ask anyone about what else there was in our whole big supernatural family. I know there are vampires and seers, but what else is there?”

“I come from a long line of enchantresses.” Madison glanced over at Jacob. He had a look of confusion on his face. “Witches,” she told him the basic term.

“After all this time with us arguing, you still haven’t turned me into a toad or something.” He tried to keep a straight face but felt a smile being forced out.

Meet Izzibella Beau

I am an author of young adult and new adult romance novels, sometimes dabbling into the paranormal genre. I’m also a screenwriter and have directed and helped produce several episodes and scenes for an upcoming streaming series and a featured movie. I have a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and several master level credits in Social Service and Education career fields. I was born and raised in a small town north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in several states, including Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Georgia, and Florida, which I will always consider home. I’m married and have 34 children. Three are biological; thirty are canines and one pot-belly pig. We rescue abandoned dogs and give them a forever home. When I’m not writing or on set, I enjoy reading, taking long walks, playing with my kids and furbabies, and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m an animal lover and contribute a portion of my royalties to animal rescue and shelters nationwide.

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