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FallenWood Chronicles: A Fantasy Series by Leslie D. Soule

Why I Write Fantasy

By Leslie D. Soule

            So why do I write in the genre known as fantasy, and what, exactly, sets fantasy apart from the other genres? For the answer to what sets fantasy apart, I refer to the book How To Write Fantasy and Sci-Fi by Orson Scott Card. Namely, fantasy involves forests and a medieval element, and magic.

            Fantasy is good for escapism – that’s probably the biggest draw, for me. Who wouldn’t want to ride a unicorn or a dragon or have a few magical powers if they could? The possibilities, when it comes to fantasy, are endless. As a child of the 80s, we had some fantastic fantasy films that were produced, like The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Legend, Willow, The Neverending Story, and Ladyhawke. I’ve always found the genre to be absolutely fascinating – and it lends itself to creating worlds and settings that can be quite beautiful and awe-inspiring. In the real world, I often think about the Tower of Jewels that once existed at the 1915 World’s Fair in San Francisco, adorned with its thousands of sparkling Novagems – how very fantasy-like, it must have been!

            Fantasy is in many ways, a vision of how beautiful and awe-inspiring the world could be. But also, in terms of defeating a bad guy in the story, not having access to guns and technology makes the matter at hand, more difficult. It forces you and your characters to use their heads and be resourceful. And resourcefulness can be an endless font of enjoyment.

            What’s YOUR reason for reading or writing fantasy? Let me know!!!

The Fallenwood Chronicles is the ongoing story of Ash Kensington, a young woman who finds herself transported into a fantasy world where she must take up arms in a battle of Good vs. Evil against the Dark Lord Malegaunt. Tragedy strikes her life in the real world, but she finds friends in Fallenwood, like her mentor Will Everett, a talking cat named Greymalkin, and a court jester named Terces. Working together, they battle against the odds as Ash faces attacks from the world and from within. Eventually, Ash finds the strength within herself, to attempt the fight against Malegaunt, against overwhelming odds, come what may

Meet Leslie D. Soule

Leslie D. Soule received her M.A. in English from National University. She is a scholar, artist, citizen journalist, and martial artist. She has been an established writer for a decade and has novels published by Melange Books, Terror House Press, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and Nat 1 Publishing. The Fallenwood Chronicles is her 4-book fantasy series and features the novels Fallenwood, Forgetting Fallenwood, Betrayer, and Retribution.

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