Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

Cursed Candlesticks

candlesticks in leaves

2022 was a year to forget in Sorchia’s Universe. I blame it on a couple of brass candlesticks.

What? You may say. How can candlesticks possibly be at the root of all the whining you’ve done in the past year?

And I would answer in a high pitched voice, “They can if they are cursed! That’s how!”

I’m a fairly lucky person—that’s why I’m alive today–but as soon as those damn candlesticks came in my house, crap started happening and as soon as I took them out, crap stopped happening, so you tell me…!

The curse took many forms. Multiple cars developed terminal issues–one stranding us in 100 degree heat 100 miles from home. Routine medical tests were delayed or inconclusive and required another trip to get resolved, new batteries died, clocks stopped, appliances broke–and then a freaky fall that resulted in a busted knee instead of simply bruised pride. It was an unusually persistent truckload of poop.

Who knows why they were cursed or what set the candlesticks off! Maybe they were once in a church and the sight of my witchy house pushed them over the edge. Maybe they once graced Satan’s mantel or maybe they were simple candlesticks after all and 2022 was me having a post-chemo delusion. Whatever!

Right now, they are sitting in the woods at a crossroads just outside my property line because that’s where I stowed them temporarily. I’m afraid to take them on into the charity donation place in town because it’s a long 5 miles and anything could happen on the way.

Come to think of it, though, they are actually on government land, which might explain a lot.

At any rate, the curse of the candlesticks was successfully broken and my good luck has returned.

And just for fun—here’s a little something to help you get rid of any nasty curses that may have come your way–candlesticks related or not.

How to break a curse by Sorchia DuBois