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Book Review: Santorini Sunset by Clair Croxton

Cover by Oghma Creative Media
Cover by Oghma Creative Media

Nobody’s perfect but Caroline feels less perfect than anyone else on the planet.

Yes, I’m fat and can’t keep a man. Move on please. Nothing to see here except humiliation. I’ll make an appointment to get the loser L tattooed on my forehead before the wedding. Small talk with Mother is like a bikini wax done with hot tar.

She’s pressed to be matron of honor at her super-model sister’s wedding and she invents a hunky boyfriend to save face—since sis is getting hitched to Caroline’s old fiancé. One lie leads to another. The wedding looms and her mother’s unexpected visit forces Caroline to come up with a man in short order.

What to do?

When the tasty Spaniard who works in Caroline’s office agrees to help, he has no idea what he’s stepping into. And neither does Caroline. Is Raul just doing her a favor, or does he have something else in mind? It’s not just the Grecian sun that’s hot.

“Tu eres una mujer muy atractiva.” With my ear lobe between his teeth, he gazed at me in the mirror. “A very attractive woman.” How he expected me to apply lipstick without smearing it over my teeth and cheeks was beyond me.

Claire infuses her characters with wit and pizazz as she sinks them ever deeper in the tangled web of deceit and wedding madness. Join the wedding party in Greece and watch the sparks fly as Raul and Caroline take their masquerade seriously.

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Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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