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Another Great Book from Oghma Creative: A Lovely County by Lori Ericson

A shout out to a fellow-author, Lori Ericson.  Her new book, A Lovely County, sounds like a winner.
Facebook: LoriEricson
Twitter: @author_Ericson

Cover by Oghma Creative media
Cover by Oghma Creative media

Welcome to a lovely county, where innocence finds no justice, and monsters run free.
The sadistic murder of a young boy and corruption at the county jail have small town reporter Danni Edens scrambling to beat the competition to the story and redeem her tattered career. But a brutal attack comes with a message to stop snooping around. She has already uncovered appalling privileges given to inmates, and now wonders what other secrets can be discovered. As she digs deeper, Danni must decide how far she’s willing to go to get the story. Journalism is all she ever wanted, but one mistake already cost Danni her dream job. Another may cost her life.

Lori Ericson was raised in her family-owned cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She earned a journalism and English degree from the University of Arkansas and then spent nearly twenty years as a newspaper reporter, winning a number of awards from the Arkansas Press Association and the Associated Press, and a national award from the National Federation of Press Women, all under the byline Lori Harrison-Stone. She’s now writing fiction and working as a city planner for a city that served as her beat for a number of years. She’s raised two daughters, Sara and Hillary, in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, where she lives with her husband Lloyd, their two golden retrievers, and a goldfish that seems to have discovered the fountain of youth.

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