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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Z


Z is for . . .

Zincite or zeolite or zoisite

Today, thank all the gods, is the last day of the 2015 A-Z Blog challenge. Thank you for reading and commenting during this month. It’s been enlightening for me as I hope it has been for you. To end with a splash, Here are  three Z stones.


  • A Reiki stone that attunes the energies and heals
  • Releases toxins and helps overcome addictions—especially alcohol
  • Dispels odors—they sell this as a natural air freshener which I can hardly wait to try.
  • Absorbs ammonia and can be used in aquariums to clean the water
  • zeolite



  • Manifests and reenergizes
  • Attracts abundance both physically and spiritually
  • Releases painful memories and aids in treating depression
  • Regenerates skin and hair
  • Aids with autoimmune problemszincite


  • Turns negative energies into positive ones
  • Dispels lethargy
  • Reduces inflammation and neutralizes acidzoisite


Upcoming posts: The Writer’s Scotch and Salad Diet Entry for the Week; excerpts from Just Like Gravity and Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones; more posts about magic  and divination of all kinds.

 Bonus--Last year for the A-Z Blog challenge, my theme was Magic. See the Z is for Zodiac post HERE.

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Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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