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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Jade



 Is For Jade

Jade –Purity, cleansing, serenityJade

  • Jade balances the fluids and aids in childbirth and fertility.
  • It’s helpful if you have stitches or kidney concerns.
  • Jade soothes, producing the serenity in which inspiration grows.
  • It is a nurturing stone that increases love and beings harmony.
  • Good luck, friendship, purification are attracted by the stone.
  • Carry it or wear it as appropriate in contact with the skin.
  • Throw it into water to produce mist, rain or snow
  • Chinese lore says that jade produces long life and luck. Eating from jade bowls, drinking from jade cups or holding a jade stone imbued the person with the attributes of the stone.
  • Wear a piece of jade as you garden to protect the health of the plants and nurture their growth

Jade produces a truly serene mood, blissful and accepting.  But, as seems to be true with any healing stone, the effects tend to be most potent if you use them the least.  One or two days and it is time to let your jade recharge.


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Cover by Oghma Creative

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