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A Post with No Name

I couldn’t decide between “Overdue Books” or “Dusty Tomes” as an official title for this one. Weigh in with a comment or make a different suggestion. And if anybody recognizes the obscure reference in the working title “a Post with No Name,” you totally get me and I want to know your name.


Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this madness for over two years! I was scared to try for most of her first year. An entire story in 100 words or fewer seemed impossible. Join the party—If you dare— Here.

A Post with No Name

Sandy, uneven steps led downward beneath the dunes. I held the

Copyright – Randy Mazie
Copyright – Randy Mazie

torch high, lighting the cool, dry passageway. The others followed. Far beneath the desert and the burning Sahara sun, a cold stone inscribed with hieroglyphs blocked our way.

“I know the magic.” Rahotep moved past me, his eyes reflecting torch light.

Murmured words, subtle motion. His hands brushed the ancient writing.

Silently, the stone dissolved into dust. With a sigh, the cavern exhaled musty air, trapped for two thousand years.

Beyond the gaping door, row after row of papyrus scrolls stretched into darkness.

“It’s true. They saved it.”



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Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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