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A Cold Spring–Episode 12: Lodestone

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“A Cold Spring” by Sorchia DuBois

Episode 12: Lodestone





High above the castle, a waning moon rose in the indigo sky. The silver bell announced dinner, but Maddock and I trailed behind the chattering laughing crowd as they moved toward the grand dining room.


Maddock pressed a small smooth object into my hand. “I found it along the shore this morning. It reminded me of you.”


“A witch stone.” A cold, black sphere perched on my palm, perfectly round with a hole completely through the center. I held the bauble to my eye, winking at him through the chink. “But you know many witches besides me.”


He wrapped my fingers around the orb. “It’s a lodestone, a natural magnet. At least one element finds it absolutely irresistible. You draw me to you like this stone draws iron.”

“Then this stone will ensure you always find your way to me––no matter what.”


“No matter what.” He kissed me chastely as befits an occasion when a number of skeptical relatives look on, but the strength of his hands, the warmth of his arms, the smell of the sea in his black hair, and the taste of his lips promised something more once dinner was over and our guests departed.


His hand in mine, we followed the crowd into the dining room.

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