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Sorchia Reviews Shadow House by Anna Downes

Alex and her two kids are running away from an abusive relationship. Pine Ridge is supposed to be a safe ecovillage, a place where she can settle in with like-minded people and provide a healthy way of life for her kids. But of course, it’s not. In parallel tales set in Australia, Anna Downes tells the story of two mothers: one who loses her son and the other who is trying desperately to save hers. Ok, you’ve got me when […]

Sorchia Reviews Silvers Hollow by Patrick R. Delaney

She can’t remember how she got to the train station in her hometown, but she remembers why she doesn’t want to be there. The place is haunted with bad memories which is why she hasn’t visited in years. She remembers her parents and their distant—even negligent treatment of her and her sister. She remembers how her father would sometimes take her sister into the basement. She remembers her sister begged for help. She remembers so many things that don’t quite […]

Getting the Most Mileage from Your Novel Magic Post

So, you have a fantastic post filled with wit and wisdom. (I talk about how to write this fantastic post in How to Make Your Novel Magic Post Magically Delicious.) Your post has compelling content, vivid images, and it speaks to the souls of readers everywhere. How do you get the word out and make sure it doesn’t get lost amongst the hundreds of thousands of posts that hit the Internet each day? Here’s my best advice. These are important […]

Sorchia Reviews Hold My Place by Cassondra Windwalker

Hold My Place by Cassondra Windwalker—what can I say—It’s a 5. Very gothicy, very not normal. I thought I knew where we were going and I was sort of right but not quite and that makes all the difference. I don’t give many books a 5 rating. For me, a book that registers 5 on the Sorchia Scale of Strange has to reach a certain level of creepiness. It has to be edited well because I’m distracted by improperly positioned […]

How to Make your Novel Magic Post Magically Delicious

Best Practices for Novel Magic Guest Posts or How to make your Novel Magic Post Magically Delicious Every Monday, I feature a guest author who wants to promote a book. I call these little spots Novel Magic, and I ask the authors to write a short post to go with the promo. They write on topics related to their books—which are in genres I love—and I’ve been awed by the variety and skill of the writers who become my guests. […]

Sorchia Reviews The BookBinder’s Daughter

The Bookbinder’s Daughter by Jessica Thorne Prepare yourself for an engrossing fantasy! The Bookbinder’s Daughter is Sophie, a girl with a complicated past—a past she can’t remember. She’s at loose ends after her father’s death so when her uncle offers her a coveted position at a respected library, she can’t resist. She leaves the manipulative boyfriend—oh, the magic of that—and returns to The Special Collection. It’s a wondrous place that her fragmented memory longs for and fears. What Works: Musical […]