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13 Zoraida Grey Tricks and Treats–Happy Halloween, Witches!

She’s one crazy witch and she went live on October ZoraidaGreyandtheFamilyStones_w10984_30028. Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones is the first in a three-book series that will take Zoraida from Arkansas to Scotland to the Yucatan Jungle and back again. Since we are at the heart of Witching Season, here are Thirteen Tricks and Treats you’ll find in the book.
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  1. A Castle: Fantastic Castle Logan in far north Scotland has a history stretching back to the Picts. When the Logans claimed the spot, a Pictish broch sat like a fat spider on a precipice over the Loch of the Black Bridge. What lurks beneath the broch in the crystal encrusted cavern?
  2. Ghosts: Castle Logan is infested with phantasms of various descriptions including a psychotic lady in lilac who tosses hapless women to their deaths. A Spaniard in glowing green armor haunts the East Tower. Is he looking for revenge?
  3. Crystals: From the crystal doorknobs to the crystal chandeliers, Castle Logan vibrates with crystal energy.
  4. A man in kilts: Michael Logan nurtures black roses in the gardens as skillfully as he tends the Logan clan. But to make one thing grow, he may have to sacrifice something—or someone.
  5. Herbs: The Logan witches have tricks in their gardens that may beguile even Zoraida.
  6. Magic: What is it about Zhu, Zoraida’s best friend, that repels magic? She’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trapped in Castle Logan, Zhu may find magic isn’t all fairies and roses.
  7. Another man in kilts: Shea Logan wraps himself in protective spells and chooses his words carefully. Blue lightning flashes from his black Logan eyes and indigo tattoos spiral around his arms. What’s he hiding?
  8. Cats: Grimalkin, Pyewacket, and Johnny Lee Hooker, the black cat who lives with Zoraida, creep through the story, batting the dangling ends of knotted cords and watching with luminescent eyes. If only they could talk, what secrets could they reveal?
  9. An oubliette: This place of forgetting beneath the ancient East Tower came in handy to the Logans in the past. Zoraida gets the heebie jeebies just looking at it. No one has ever escaped from its dark depths.
  10. Curses and Spells: Curses and spells drip from the fingers of all in the Logan clan. Can small-town fortuneteller Zoraida compete with their malevolent power? Of course, she has a little Logan blood running through her veins, too.
  11. Scotland:From steel gray lochs to rocky hillsides to windswept shores, Scotland casts a spell every bit as powerful as those hurled by the witches of Castle Logan.
  12. Legends: Creatures and stories of Scotland peek from the pages of Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones. Zoraida finds fairytales come to life when witches are involved.
  13. Whisky: Smooth, peaty Laphroaig single-malt Scotch in a Cairngorm glass steadies Zoraida’s nerves. She better lay in a good store because the story’s just getting started.

Grab a copy and find out which of these 13 are tricks and which are treats.


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