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The Anaconda of Doom (and other musings on publishing)

The road to publication is full of chug holes and lined with sticker bushes! Just Like Gravity, a paranormal adventure/romance, was supposed to be published early in the year by Kellan Publishing. Well, Kellan had technical trouble and wasn’t publishing anything for months. When Oghma Creative—the fine folks who created the cover for the

Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

book and for whom I do a bit of editing—decided to go into publishing, I took the opportunity to switch from a long-distance relationship with an unresponsive group to a wine-infused affair with the local chatty-Kathys in Fayetteville, Arkansas. All this is good!

Originally, we hoped to launch the book in July. Then in August. Then the editor (Greg Camp—a teacher/editor/writer and gun-toter) took a closer look and decided—with good reason—the book needed a bit of tweaking to make it even better. So, bottom line, we are now scheduled for an October launch along with the ever lovely and effervescent Velda Brotherton who will also be launching the second in her Poe series. These are also good things.

Even though I feel as if I’ve been pregnant with this damn book for nearly two years, putting out the best product possible trumps my impatience—and discomfort—and mental anguish—and emotional imbalance. After all, I can always resort to drink—and I have time and wpid-20140808_140557.jpgtime again as this process unwound coils of despair, an enormous anaconda of doom (Yea, bitches.  That’s the kind of thing you’ll get when you read my stuff!)

So here we are 2-3 months from the absolute and positive, real-life, publication of my first fiction book. In the months to come, I’ll be posting my little heart out with tidbits from Just Like Gravity and the book to come after that. The working title of the next one is Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones and, if there is a god, it will not take so long to send it forth on an unsuspecting public as it has taken for the first book.


So who has horror stories about publishing? Those of you who skipped through the process with no trouble—know that you have used up all of your good Karma. Your next life will be replete with disaster and strife!

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