Mercury Retrograde

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Roman God Mercury sits on a cushion holding an artists brushes.

Sorchia’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde ☿

Here we go again! Aren’t the holidays stressful enough without Mercury Retrograde hanging around for the rest of the year? As for most of life’s little challenges, our two choices seem to be to spend an unhealthy amount of time bitching about it or to carry on. I don’t see why we can’t do a little of both. Mercury Retrograde Astronomy Lesson The innermost planet, Mercury zooms around the sun in only 88 days compared to the Earth’s more sedate […]

Mercury Retrograde–Hanging on for One More Day

This Mercury Retrograde has been a bitch!  Tweaked my knee–still hobbling around on that and hoping it will eventually heal–car trouble, two dishwashers bit the dust, one dryer heating element is on the fritz, various electrical snafus, and an Internet gremlin infestation that cost me hours and hours. It’s over today! I’ve found that every retrograde brings an opportunity to learn–as well as an opportunity to try out new curse words–and this retrograde was about patience, slowing down and smelling the […]