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Novel Magic: Secrets, Lies and Homemade Pies

Novel Magic goes to Texas this week. Read on to meet Emma Ames and her Sweet Thangs Mystery series. Don’t forget the Giveaway at the end!!

Secrets, Lies, and Homemade Pies by Emma Ames Pies

Secrets, Lies, and Homemade Pies, A Sweet Thangs Mystery

by Emma Ames

Tizzy Donovan is having a run of bad luck. A bakery delivery gone wrong. A bar fight with an old classmate. The discovery of a dead body in the cemetery.

Texas Ranger Ridge Cooper’s luck isn’t much better. He’s finally gotten his first solo case, and it’s in the Podunk town of Brownsboro, Texas. But when he meets local beauty, Tizzy, he thinks his luck is about to change—until she becomes the prime suspect in his case!


“SECRETS, LIES, AND HOMEMADE PIES isn’t just another run-of-the-mill grim murder mystery. This tale of rural Texas is laced with an undercurrent of down-home characters and rollicking humor.”

~Jory Sherman

Pulitzer Prize Nominee and Author of THE BALLAD OF PINEWOOD LAKE


A taste of Secrets, Lies, and Homemade Pies by Emma Ames


Not only did Tizzy Donovan think her cup was always half empty, she was pretty sure someone had spit in it.

The last leg of her daily jog took her through Jenkins Cemetery. She stopped and inhaled the scent of freshly- mowed grass and the musk of fertile earth. It was spring, and she should have a bounce in her step, but the approaching anniversary of Boone’s death pushed any sense of renewal away. To become a widow and single mother before the age of twenty-five had been a big adjustment.

Closing her eyes, she willed the painful experience away. Many thought her ritual morbid, but for her, it remained a chance to start the day among people she had loved most in her life.

Even though many of the dead had spoken to her for years, none had ever appeared to her. At first, she thought the spring haze created an illusion. But, as she blinked and looked again, she spotted someone kneeling at the foot of Boone’s grave, praying. Apparition or not, she got a full-blown, head-to-toe case of the heebie-jeebies. Every hair on her body snapped to attention. She rubbed her arms, squeezed her eyes tight. Okay. I’ll count to ten, and they’ll be gone…nine…ten. She opened one eye. Damn!

“Hello? Can I help you?” The words trembled across her tongue.

She moved closer, her brain scrambling to understand the scene. With each step, her heart pumped faster. Knees grew weaker. The figure was not so much kneeling as it was slumped, and not so much praying as staged. Its head rested limply against its chest, and its lifeless arms spread wide. Tizzy’s scream came out as a weak yelp.

She staggered and struggled to keep her balance, but it was no use. Falling against a tree, she retched and slipped downward until her butt hit the ground with a thud. She panted, then leaned forward, hugged her belly, and fought to rationalize the situation. Who could it be? She rolled onto all fours, then pushed herself to her feet. Edging two steps closer, recognition sent Tizzy’s insides into a death spiral. She gasped, wiped her lips, reached inside her bra, and pulled out her cell phone. She punched in the numbers. “There’s a dead body in the cemetery!”

Her brother laughed. “Ha-ha, very funny, Tizzy. I get it. April Fools!”

“I’m not kidding. There really is a dead body in the cemetery—and I think it’s Marlene.”

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Who is Emma Ames?

Emma Ames is an alter-ego of Ann Everett who is an alter-ego of a real person. All three live in Texas. Emma will soonEmma Ames have her own page on Ann’s website.

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