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The Damage Left Behind by Nikki Lewis

Novel magic: The Damage Left Behind by Nikki Lewis

Check out book 3 in this Paranormal Romance Series.


What happens after a disaster hits? One so big it affects everyone around us? Ben was supposed to be my mate. He wasThe Damage Left Behind by Nikki Lewis supposed to be there for me. Instead…I find myself wondering how all of this came to be. Angel Thompson is left picking up the pieces after her lover gave his life…to save hers. Book contains triggers.


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The Damage Left Behind


Nikki Lewis www.sorchiadubois.comNikki Lewis is an aspiring Author who enjoys the challenges of writing (despite grumbling and whining to her friends about how hard it is). She enjoys writing Paranormal, Fantasy, Si-Fi, and Contemporary Romance. Slow burns to fast connections find their way into her books. At the moment, she’s attempting to write a YA Romance and is having fun pulling her hair out while doing so. She’s a mother of three, wife, and submissive. (Yes….she said submissive). Most of her books contain a dark undertone, a past that COULD cause triggers for the readers, and some BDSM (both the healthy and unhealthy kind). She IS part of the BDSM world, herself, and understands the difference between the two, and generally tries to help educate through her books and hopes to help other people find their own way, or their own voice.

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