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Novel Magic: Burning Bridges

Lies and Love


Anne Krist

“Did you ever tell a lie for so long that even you believed it? And then got caught? Ah… Then you understand Sara in Anne Krists’ Burning Bridges.”

We all know what it’s like to tell a lie and how it can lead to other lies. We don’t mean them to grow. We don’t mean them to hurt anyone. We don’t mean them to entangle our lives over and over until we can’t tell what’s true and what’s false.

But sometimes it happens.

It starts off so simply. You’re young, in trouble, and abandoned by the man you thought loved you. Your parents help because they love you and want you out of your horrible situation and back to living a normal life that every eighteen-year-old girl should have. Instead, they start the ball rolling on that lie. That first one. The one that leads to the rest of your life.

In Burning Bridges, Sara Richards has spent half of her life telling lies. At the beginning of the book, she hardly remembers what her life was like before the falsehoods began. Then one day she receives letters she should have received more then three decades before, and her life turns upside down.

While driving from South Carolina to Virginia to visit my mom once, I heard a news story on the radio that told of a couple bags of mail found stuffed in the back of a man’s garden shed. The most the Post Office could figure is that a mail carrier didn’t feel like working one day, so he went home and hid the bags. I found that so intriguing. It made me think about how many lives were changed by that one act. Did someone not receive a bill that was overdue? Did someone not receive a college acceptance? Or a wedding invitation?

Or a love letter?

We never know what alterations strangers make to our lives, completely without our awareness. It was one of the things that made writing Burning Bridges fun. As romance writers, we’re used to writing conflict that the protagonists bring on themselves. Or even conflict instigated by friends or family. We don’t see conflict brought on my players totally off the stage as often, yet Sara’s and Paul’s lives are undeniably different after Sara receives her three letters. All kinds of betrayals are revealed, along with the burning bridges they created.

Burning Bridges by Anne Krist

Burning Bridges by Dee S. Knight

Consider the role of strangers in our lives. An unknown postman in Virginia hides a bag of mail one day. His simple action set in motion untold consequences for many others—strangers—all over the country. How many bridges were burned in that forgotten mail pouch?

Sara Richards’s world is rocked when three love letters from 1970 are delivered decades late. The letters were written by Paul Steinert, a young sailor who took her innocence with whispered words of love and promises of forever before leaving for Vietnam. Sara is left behind, broken hearted and secretly pregnant, yearning for letters she never received.

Then Paul died.

Now, years later, she discovers the betrayal wasn’t Paul’s, when her mother confesses to a sin that changed their lives forever. How can Sara reveal to Paul’s parents that they have a granddaughter they’ve missed the chance to know? Even worse, how will she find the words to tell her daughter that she’s lived her life in the shadow of a lie?

Picking her way through the minefields of secrets, distrust, and betrayal, Sara finds that putting her life together again while crossing burning bridges will be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Meet The Author of Burning Bridges

Dee S. Knight (Anne Krist)

A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex. She is the primary persona of three pen names—triplets, if you will: Dee, Anne Krist, and Jenna Stewart.

As noted above, Dee S. Knight writes erotic romance—emphasis on the romance! She was part of an anthology named a Top Pick in Romantic Times magazine (Resolutions) and the sole author of another Top Pick designation, for the paranormal erotic romance, Passionate Destiny.

“Sister” Anne Krist does not write erotic romance. Her book, Burning Bridges, has received high praise and multiple 5-star reviews because of the depth of the romance and emotion. Burning Bridges is Anne’s first book but she has a series planned that she hopes to have out soon.

Third of the triplets is Jenna Stewart. Jenna has tried her hand at ménage—in both historical and shifter books. She wrote the Sisters O’Ryan series set during the westward migration in the U.S., the Great Wolves of Men-Edge, and Unlikely Bedfellows.

Regardless of the name she uses to write during the day, their dream man, childhood sweetheart, and long-time hubby are all the same guy. What happens during their nights are their secret.

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