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Novel Magic: Deadly Glimpses by Stephen B. King

It’s getting dark in Sorchia’s Universe this week. We’re featuring the third book in a Noir-ish series by Stephen B. King. Read all about it and enter the giveaway to win a copy.


Tender Killer by Stephen B. King

Glimpse, The Tender Killer.

By Stephen B King

Book 3 of The Deadly Glimpses Trilogy

Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes is now a detective paired with Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy. Together they Glimpse: The Tender Killer by Stephen B. King www.sorchiadubois.comhunt The Biblical Killer, so named for the quotes left on walls written in the victim’s blood. To lure the murderer out they join the Tender Nights internet dating site, openly making themselves targets. Rick and Pat have fought their desire for each other for months. Can they now survive their lust and an insane murderer intent on vengeance?


The Glimpse series focuses on the relationship between, a male cop who has seen it all and is trying to rebuild his marriage and a beautiful criminal psychologist, who also is in a dysfunctional marriage. They are instantly attracted to each as they work together to track down three serial killers? Secondly, each book looks inside the killer to show the reader why and how they became what they are.

In book 3, Bobby Cornhill, wants to rid the world of people who lie to find partners on a dating website at the urging of his schizophrenic alter ego named Jolly. Jolly first appeared to Bobby’s uncle, and caused him to take his own life, then to his sister, Martine. When Martine dies, Bobby is wracked with guilt and Jolly takes over.

But is Jolly a figment of Bobby’s fractured mind, or is he real and chooses who he controls to commit murder?

I find this to be a very scary. If Jolly is out there, I pray he doesn’t appear to me.

A Taste of Glimpse, The Tender Killer by Stephen B. King

It was nearly eleven o’clock that night, when I could venture out to the barn to meet with Jolly. I entered through the small side door and saw him sitting on a bale of hay, with a lantern at his feet, reading what I assumed was the Bible I had seen under his arm earlier. I crossed the dirt floor and sat on a bale opposite him and waited for an acknowledgement I was even there.

“Hello, Bobby, nice to meet you at last,” he said without looking up from under the peak of his green baseball cap.

“Hello, Jolly. Why have you been following me?”

He looked up and our gazes met, “I haven’t. I prefer to call it keeping an eye on you. It was pre-ordained we would meet and become friends, so from time to time, I wanted to see how you were doing.”

I needed to know, so asked the question that had been burning in my brain for years, “what do you want from me, Jolly?”

He slowly closed the Bible, and placed his hands on top of it, on his lap. “Bobby, the world has become like Sodom and Gomorrah. The moral fiber has been slowly disintegrating as men and women seek the pleasures of the flesh. They do anything to have their fun; they lie and cheat to one another, the vows of holy union in wedlock are thrown out of the window, and they have become disgusting. Now the devil’s spawn has given us the internet, an abomination of a thing that makes it even easier for the weak to find other liars, deceivers, and adulterers. Martine, your sister who loved you like no other, was a lost soul. You abandoned her; she missed you so much that she fell and lost her way. She became pregnant, which is God’s gift of life, and what did she do with it? She permitted her parents to murder her unborn child, and so damned her until the day comes when she can find redemption. Harvey was her punishment, from God. Still you could have saved her, yet you chose not to, you left her with a man who beat her and abused her psychologically, and she permitted it because she loved the depraved sex they shared. Her soul lies in torment, because she has now committed the greatest sins of all; murder, and the taking of her own life. Only you can free her, Bobby, are you strong enough? God has granted you the opportunity to save her very soul. You will have nine tasks to complete. The number is nine, which is the number of life and death. Once you complete those tasks, Martine will be forgiven, and can enter the Kingdom of God. I know you’re ready, you already sensed your place in history, that is why you brought your gun to Australia, didn’t you?”

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