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Book Review: Noisy Creek by Pamela Foster

Greetings and Felicitations.  During this gift-giving season, I’d like to suggest you forget the department stores and support local businesses including local artists and writers. With that in mind, I’m going to be posting reviews of books by local authors from now until Christmas.  If you have a book you want me to review, leave a note.  I can only read so fast, but I’m willing to try.   My Review: Pam Foster cooked up quite a tasty dish in […]

A Little Night Music

Join Friday Fictioneers at this link: A Little Night Music “It gets dark so early.” The salesgirl locked the music shop door and turned to her last customer. “I vould like an electricical pipe-organ.” The pale man spoke with a strange accent. “But I have no electricical.” “No problem.” She anticipated an easy sale. “These keyboards are battery powered.” At midnight, organ music shook her awake. A red-eyed window in the upper story of the old house at the end […]

Trick or Treat Case File #5

Trick-or-Treating was fun, Momma, but Sally didn’t come back. A cat hissed at us and the lady wore a pointy hat and Sally said it was her opinion the lady’s cat was ugly because opinion was a vocabulary word. Then Sally said it was her opinion the lady looked fat in that dress and the lady’s eyes sparkled but she smiled and put her hand on Sally’s shoulder and she had long red fingernails and the lady said ‘Girls with […]