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Oghmaniacal Blogathon–Day 6–A snippet of Just Like Gravity

Day 6 of the Oghmaniacal Blogathon!! During the month of February, authors who publish with Oghma Creative Media will be showcasing their work and their blogs.   Today, take a look at this snippet from my Gothic adventure/romance novel, Just Like Gravity.   Anna:  Chapter 1 All Scotsmen Can Go to Hell I was in no mood to deal with men of any size, shape, or state of inebriation, but it was definitely a man who stood in my way. […]

Friday Fictioneers: It’s Just Business

I almost despaired with this week’s prompt.  It looks so ripe with succulent possibilities but I couldn’t think of anything for the longest time.  I’ve been AWOL for a few weeks with book signings and events.  Happy to be back with this one.  Thanks, as always, Rochelle!!! It’s Just Business “Why would any fairy wear shoes made of something from a spider’s butt?” Peaseblossom flicked her wings, wishing she’d stayed in bed. “You had sparrow eggs and goat cheese for […]

Just Like Gravity Review Contest

Want a little extra cash to start the New Year off right?  Here’s an easy way to make a few bucks. Write and post a fair and honest review of Just Like Gravity between the days of December 1, 2014, and January 31, 2015, to be eligible to win one of 4 Amazon Gift Certificates. Post your review at Amazon.com and/or Goodreads.com.  If you post in both places, I’ll enter your name twice in the drawing. Prizes:  2   $10 Amazon […]

Sorchia’s Universe Visits with Author Camille Faye About Hypnosis

My friend Camille Faye recently released the intriguingly titled Voodoo Butterfly. If you have paranormal readers on your Christmas list, take a look at Camille’s Author page and pick up a copy of Voodoo Butterfly Here .  You can find more about Camille and her writing on her website: http://www.camillefaye.com/. Recently, I attended Camille’s FaceBook launch party where we learned more about the book and about Camille’s journey as a writer. Since my book, Just Like Gravity, deals with past […]

Book Review: Santorini Sunset by Clair Croxton

Nobody’s perfect but Caroline feels less perfect than anyone else on the planet. Yes, I’m fat and can’t keep a man. Move on please. Nothing to see here except humiliation. I’ll make an appointment to get the loser L tattooed on my forehead before the wedding. Small talk with Mother is like a bikini wax done with hot tar. She’s pressed to be matron of honor at her super-model sister’s wedding and she invents a hunky boyfriend to save face—since […]

A Post with No Name

I couldn’t decide between “Overdue Books” or “Dusty Tomes” as an official title for this one. Weigh in with a comment or make a different suggestion. And if anybody recognizes the obscure reference in the working title “a Post with No Name,” you totally get me and I want to know your name.   Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this madness for over two years! I was scared to try for most of her first year. An entire story in […]