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Novel Magic: Vampires and Immortality

by Kate Hill

The concept of vampires is an ancient one. Many cultures in the world have legends about blood drinkers or energy-draining demons who visit unsuspecting people in the night. Vampires are fearsome, but they also have an undeniable appeal that continues to fascinate us.

Depending on the fictional world, vampires have different powers, but they share some common traits. First and foremost, they drain something, whether they’re traditional blood-drinking vampires or psychic vampires that feed on energy, they survive by taking a bit of life from others. Most vampires, even ones who are described as horrifying, have a hypnotic hold over people. We’re fascinated by vampires and that fascination has stood the test of time. Many present-day vampire stories are quite different from ones of the past. Now, it’s as easy to find vampire heroes as villains. Instead of always portrayed as demons or “undead,” in some fictional worlds vampires might be an alien species.

Despite their basic common traits, vampires are constantly evolving, which ensures that even if some fictional vampires have a shorter lifespan than others, the concept of vampires is surely immortal.

by Kate Hill

Note: Through My Heart is a very short horror romance featuring vampiric love. It has a spicy heat level, violence, and a HEA. This Romantic Moments story is the perfect length for a lunch break, before bed, or any time you want a quick, romantic read.

(Vampire Romance, Romantic Horror)

Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies. When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, watching horror movies, and researching vampires and Viking history. She runs the Compelling Beasts Blog that is dedicated to antagonists, antiheroes, and paranormal creatures. Kate also writes as Saloni Quinby.


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