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The Mystery of the Flesh-Eating Blurb

Authors are a hardy lot. We brave the perils of research and grammar. We laugh in the face of character development and plot twists. We scoff at revisions and critiques. We boldly bear the slings and arrows of the publishing biz without a whimper. Well, we may whimper, but we keep going, girding our bathrobes and pjs about our loins, pausing only for more coffee and maybe some Rice Krispy treats.

So why is it that authors who don’t pale when faced with the task of writing an eighty-five thousand word novel, faint at the mere mention of the back-cover blurb?

Because blurbs are super important—that’s why. Your blurb is your pick-up line and you haven’t had a date in years. Your blurb is the first bite of a dish presented to a food critic, the cork to sniff from your bottle of noveliscious wine, the tires to kick on your bookmobile.

Readers may be drawn to your book by a snazzy cover, but it’s the blurb that snags their interest––or loses it. With millions of new books hitting the market each year, a captivating blurb means the difference between a sale and total disregard.

I made a little infographic to help tame the beast. Take a look and let me hear what you think.


To Download your own copy, click HERE!

Hook A New Reader_infographic
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