Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

All The Pretty Knives–Samples and Beta Opps

When a routine burglary goes tragically wrong, Money MacQueen heads for the only safe place she knows–Home. But her hometown isn’t as quiet and secure as she remembers. Prominent townspeople keep turning up dead and her own dad may be on the killer’s list. Did she bring trouble with her or has her crazy uncle finally gone too far? Old loves, new enemies, and a murderer haunt the familiar streets.


A little bit of

Chapter One:  Duck Soup

We’d have gotten away scot-free if it hadn’t been for a black and white brush goat named Thor. What seemed to be good luck—the best luck I’d ever had—turned out to be act 1 in a tragedy.

I remember the crash in slow motion, like a scene from a disaster movie. Windshield wipers whap-whap-whapped in a slow heartbeat. Police lights flashed in a hypnotic blur from red to blue to red. Orange caution cones spun in a bizarre dance. The stomach-churning slide toward the ruined bridge stretched to hours. I had time to wonder when my life would flash before my eyes.

It never did—no movie marquee with my name, Money McQueen, emblazoned in neon. In those last few seconds before impact, what I saw most clearly were Thor’s yellow goat eyes––devil eyes––caught in the headlights.

More excerpts coming soon–

I’m hoping to have All the Pretty Knives ready for Betas sometime this summer–July is the target month. I’ll post in UnEarthly Tymes and in Sorchia’s Universe as soon as this is a reality!

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